Information Technology Department


The I.T. Department manage's and supports the Standing Rock Sioux Tribes Computer Information Systems, including File, Mail and Voice Servers aswell as managing our main and other tribal program websites. We provide high level technical support to computer system users, regarding computer hardware and/or software problems. Configure and support internal and/or external networks. Develop and maintain all systems, applications, security and network configurations. Computer repair, setup and installation.


Viruses and Spyware are nothing new to the computer world, but they are still as much of a threat to it as ever. Viruses and Spyware are basically small software programs obtained mostly over the internet that take advantage of valuable system resources. They do this in order to exploit security breaches in your system, to expressly advertise on your system, and to invasively mine data from your system.

Guidelines for Virus and Spyware Prevention:

1. Update your operating system. Security patches are constantly coming out to give you better protection.

2. Update your internet browser. This is vital, because computer hackers are able to write viruses that exploit the security "holes" in your browser. Your browser is often the doorway by which viruses enter your computer.

3. Update your antivirus and spyware programs. In order for these programs to maintain their effectiveness in fighting the latest viruses, they must remain up-to-date. these programs often keep themselves up-to-date by default.

4. When you first install antivirus or anti-spyware software, make sure that you have the software run a thorough scan on the system to clean out malicious material that might have entered before you installed the software.


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Standing Rock IT Department

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